18 February 2009

Nous sommes des nouveaux mariés. Y a-t-il un escompte ?

Hopefully in 3 months I'll be able to pronounce that.* 

wtf, you say? Welp, we're going to France for our honeymoon! 

We had high hopes for a beer tour of Belgium, as you may recall. And then the economy got really crappy. And I almost didn't have a job. Plane tickets to Europe in June were twice what I had budgeted. So we were going to settle for a honeymoon in North America (probably NYC and Montreal). 

But thanks to Don's grandpa, also named Don, we will be going to France. (And thanks to a lovely little Irish airline named Aer Lingus, which has crazy cheap fares.) He cashed in his time share and sent us an early wedding gift - a week's stay at any hotel in the world associated with the timeshare company. (I know - an early gift and it's awesome.) After much research and deliberating, the place we liked the most is in Ars en Re, France. Where the f is that? An island on the west coast of France, about mid continent. It's a fishing village. And the hotel is a spa. Where you are required to buy spa treatments (oh, how terrible, we get to go on vacation and be pampered).

So for the next 3 months (crap - I've got a lot of stuff to do in that time), we will be listening to and trying to speak French every day. And watching a lot of French movies. Hopefully it works out. Otherwise, we will be making anes** out of ourselves.

*We are newlyweds. Is there a discount?
**asses (without the proper accent on the a)


sloring said...

eh, who cares if you make an ass out of yourself, i see many french people running around my city and they act like giant asses too

Tracey said...

Happy travels! And how lucky are you to have such an awesome relative!