26 March 2009

wedding planning is hard work

Seriously. We had to drink all this wine and these two beers.

I don't think I've mentioned our super sweet living arrangement yet. I've got a few posts planned for that. But, you should know that our landlord is a wholesale wine distributor. Our lease includes free wine. We pretty much have the greatest apartment in Chicago. So naturally, we're buying our wedding booze from our landlord. And he only carries really fantastic wines, most organic and from Argentina (his home) or Oregon or Germany. He's turned us into almost winos. 

Yeah, so we were all excited about that all-beer wedding reception. But again, the economy and our amazing contact warranted a change in plans. We still aren't serving champagne. But I can guarantee really fantastic wine, and some beers you've probably never had. No merlot or white zin here!*

*Seriously - why does anybody buy that Franzia crap? It's terrible. I'd rather drink a Meister Brau than Franzia.

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