15 May 2009

home, part one

Many of you have asked. Few of you have seen. This is where we live.

[our office niche - almost never this clean]

[our potracks, without which we could not live!]

[dining table + our beloved tulip chairs, kitchen + tons of storage]
[yes, that is the flame-throwing gas oven]

A few things have changed since I took these pictures almost a year ago. But the gist of it is - we rent the rear, first floor apartment [1 bedroom + a small extra room] from the lady architect and the wine man that live in the second floor + attic rear apartment. They are probably the best landlady/landlord ever. We get to enjoy a lovely yard and garden that we don't have to maintain [unless we feel like helping]. If something is broken, it is fixed pretty much instantly. I already mentioned the free wine, yes? And we've met most of the neighbors, as they are friends with most of the neighborhood. And the neighborhood is lovely - lots of diversity, great buildings, wonderful location in the city. 

More images to follow...maybe within the next two weeks.*

*you know we are getting hitched in 15 days - I'll see what I can do!