30 September 2009

baking my face off

Whoa - didn't realize it was so long since my last post! Yeah - I've been busy - pie contests, sewing gigs, wedding bbq's in Kansas, as well as baking, like, all the time. Well some of it is baking, and some of it is keeping up with our CSA by making soups, canning, ice creams, etc.

Anyway - just wanted to take a quick sec to tell you about this other blog I'm contributing to, the Easy Bake cOven - it's a 'club' where we bake a different recipe each month and then post about it. It's a good way to add some variety into your baking routine. And to get new ideas. My dear friend, Christina, aka the Lovely Lady Baker, started it.

September's endeavor was pretzels.

August was a rich chocolate cake.

July was my first contribution, chocolate chip zucchini bread.

So, consider this the first of more intensive baking posts to come. And perhaps a new direction for this blog (like it had any real direction before)...