15 January 2010

the force is weak with this one...

I forgot to tell you about the other HUGE thing I did in 2009. Here goes:

Although I consider my self quite the catch (I am the Pie Queen, after all), I've turned a few fellas off when I admitted that I had never seen, nor had the desire to see a single Star Wars movie. Not a one. Not even a clip. (Honestly, if you are willing to pass up pie in the name of Star Wars, there is something wrong with you.) Sometime in high school, after being told several times that the original series was "the best group of movies ever" I decided I was OK with being the only person who hadn't seen them. Why be the same as everyone when you can be defiantely different?

Fast forward to the end of my freshman year of college, I have plans to hang out in my favorite dorm, Marlatt 4, with a certain architecture boy... When he asks if I'd like to go with a big group of people to see the newest Star Wars movie before, I politely explained that I would pass. So Don picks me up after the movie and takes me over to his dorm, where he tries to explain how great the movie is to me. And I am forced to divulge that I refuse to see the movies. (You gotta have principles, right?) Luckily for me, Don wasn't scared away by this.

He continued to bug me about how I really should watch a Star Wars movie, because they are soooo awesome. About 6 months in to our relationship, I am tired of hearing how awesome Star Wars is, so I promise Don that if we ever get married, I will watch ONE of the movies. This shut him up.

Until we got engaged. Then I was reminded that post-nuptials, I would be required to watch one. I told Don he better make it good, because if I hated this one, I wouldn't watch any others and he would not speak of their awesomeness again. He chose A New Hope, the original.

So what did I think? I didn't hate it. I can see why the graphics were a big deal at the time. And why nerds like it. And I watched a few of the others. I think the new ones are terrible, despite having good actors.

And now I understand a lot more pop-culture references. But do I think they are the best movies ever? Not so much.

05 January 2010

happy twenty-ten!

That's right - I'm saying twenty-ten instead of two-thousand ten. I mean, we said nineteen ninety nine, right? I'm also pretending that the last time I updated wasn't 2 months ago....

Eeenyway - a little recap of 2009, in a few parts.

Part 1_New in Oh-Nine

Stuff I did:
Ate at the Publican! (see below)
Pretended to have my own floral business (for the wedding, wholesale = awesome)
Followed a work-out plan (thank you, Jillian Michaels)
completed my IDP hours, so now I can take my 7 licensing exams
Got hitched (don't worry, this will get it's own post)

Visited Ireland, France & England (you already read about that)

Slovakfest in Germantown, Wisconsin, where I slept in a tent in the Zoltan's field (as close as I get to camping)

Stayed in a beach house in Michigan with friends (I've done this before with family)
Visited the Cherry Capital of Michigan
Found a real dentist and had 7 cavities filled and 1 crown replaced...
Baked for 2 apple pie contests (and perfected it, if you ask me....)

Joined a baking blog club
Visited Mexico for our close friends' Brian & AJ's amazing wedding

Bought a vintage colorwheel for our vintage Christmas tree!
Started knitting (kind of...)

Stuff I ate and discovered I love:
Pigs ear
Pork rinds
Beef heart (thank you, Publican for those 4)
Duck heart
Camembert cheese
French macarons
Butter with sea salt on top (thank you, France for those 5)
Brussel sprouts
Beets (thank you, Wisconsin CSA)
Pork belly (thank you, Urban Belly)
A whole lot of wines, thanks to our landlord!