25 February 2010

Dear Sweet Tourist

My trip over to the doctor today (right by the Magnificent Mile) inspired me to start a new series on the blog, called 'Dear Sweet Tourist' wherein I will address the common tourist to Chicago and point out some dos and don'ts.

Don and I are fairly experienced travelers and urban dwellers, and I feel there are just some things you need to know about visiting a wonderful and large city like Chicago. In short, we don't do touristy stuff. For example, we went to San Francisco and didn't visit the Wharf once. No Ghiradelli. No Pier 39. We didn't ride the cable cars either. Why? They're not 'real' parts of the city. We spent our time in Russian Hill and the Mission and Pacific Heights. See where I'm going with this?   

My readers will get some useful information as well as insight into my traveling habits and preferences and in turn, I will get to air some grievances. And this blog might even get some structure. Wouldn't that be incredible!

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