19 February 2010

milk & honey - for my soul

My morning was just made a little more delicious! After my dentist appointment this morning I stopped in to my favorite East Village cafe - Milk & Honey Cafe. When I worked on Division Street, I would go there almost daily. They make almost everything they sell in-house - granola, pastries, sandwiches, soups. They even roast their own roast beef. And they sell Intelligentsia coffee, which is Chicago's finest, if you ask me.

My favorite item is their Tropicalia black iced tea - soooooo good!

Today I purchased a latte & homemade cinnamon donut for breakfast, and also some artichoke soup & a citrus cous cous salad for lunch. YUMMMM!

That latte made my walk down to work a lot less painful!

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