24 February 2010


I haven't quite met the daily goal for February. Oh well - I feel I've gotten in a good amount of posts, as compared to my normal frequency. I haven't felt fantastic recently, so the posting has subsided a bit. So in the spirit of feeling yucky, here's a list of things I think are yucky:
  • unmanaged body hair - especially hairy moles, ear hair, back/neck hair, and crazy eyebrows
  • spitting in public/on the sidewalk/that awful hawking (sp?) sound people make before they spit (is anything more crass???)
  • dog poo on the sidewalk
  • the way it smells on an airplane at the end of a flight
  • grey winter skies
  • cheap wine that tastes like syrup
  • stray/improperly discarded band-aids (gag)
  • mean/hateful people
  • unscooped sidewalks in the winter
  • suburbs (no offense, they just give me the willies)
  • driving/giving all your hard earned money to other countries for oil
  • men with long fingernails
  • walmart
  • fast food

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