12 April 2010

Can I get a little Chicago with that dish?

Most cities have a flag, right? Few, if any, are as visually striking as Chicago's.

Most Chicagoan's are pretty proud of the flag and its image. I am no exception.

I also love dishes (did you know?).

Well, the fine folks at Circa Ceramics have combined these two loves in a series of Chicago flag inspired dishware.

(Found during a google search after seeing in this Apartment Therapy house tour)


The Madien Metallurgist said...

I like that- a whole service would be too much for me, but a few mugs or maybe a fruit bowl?

Christina said...

love the mugs! they would be so cute with really simple white dishes. Unfortunately you have fantastic earthy colored dishes that would not match very well.

laura said...

i didn't know you had a blog!!! love the mugs because i LOVE CHICAGO!