23 April 2010


I was talking to Don about yesterday's post, and I realized I should have prefaced it with this: We've done a lot to green our lives, but most of it has financial savings as well as environmental benefits. Not having a car = cheap. Using less power = cheaper electric bills. Subscribing to a CSA = less grocery store shopping = less impulse purchases & less wasted food (plus I really hate going to the grocery store). Blowing your nose into paper kleenex = throwing away money. (I seriously think about that every time I do it.)

Anyway, it is Friday. I am happy about this. I could really handle a 4 day work week. But then I would probably just want a 3 day work week. If you give a mouse a cookie...

On the slate for this weekend: Rebuilding Together day tomorrow (participating through Architecture for Humanity), dinner for a friend that is visiting Saturday night, Chicago Women in Architecture Spring Brunch Sunday morning, and study, study, study for that first Architect Registration Exam all day Sunday. I think I'll need a nap on Monday.

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