12 May 2010

Easy Bake cOven : Croissants!

Butter and I are the best of friends. Thus, you can imagine why I like croissants oh so much. Flakey. Buttery. Yes please.

Although a bit intimidating at first, I was really excited that The Maiden Metallurgist chose this recipe. I also acquired two new pastry tools, which made this endeavor extra exciting (I love accessories) - a marble pastry board and a new rolling pin. The fabulous Don made the rolling pin and scored the marble board for free from a stone supplier!

I first set out to make these in the middle of the month, but realized that I wouldn't have enough time. So I had to wait until the next weekend. Even though the process was lengthy, I really, really, really enjoyed making croissants. There's something about having the opportunity to fold and rework the dough several times that is almost calming for me. I can't quite describe it.

I made half the dough into croissants, and saved half to use to make a chicken & broccoli braid to take to work for lunch. (My coworkers must not realize that the process took 20 hours, because they didn't seem very impressed when I told them I made the dough from scratch. Or they're just getting used to me telling them that.)

Next time I make this recipe, I will plan out my timing a little better. They would actually work well to make the night before and the finish up in the morning for a brunch.

inside a chocolate croissant. yum!

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Twila said...

Oh wow this looks very yummy!!!