12 May 2010

Easy Bake cOven : Strawberry Clafoutis

Underwhelmed. That's how my clafoutis left me feeling. Despite its composition full of things I love - strawberries, crepe-like batter - it just didn't have much to it.

Now, I've never made or eaten a clafoutis, so it's quite possible that I did something incorrectly. Maybe it was underbaked? Maybe I let my batter sit in the food processor too long while I ate dinner? Maybe I was expecting something more like Nigella Lawson's Rhubarb Grunt? I was going to send the larger pan with Don to his office, but we both decided it's not fit for public consumption. I'm going to see if a few more minutes in the oven tonight renders a more favorable result.

I should have made the tart!

Update: a bit more time in the oven did improve the clafoutis. But I don't know that I'll try it again...

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