21 June 2010

romper mourning

All I want is to traipse around the city this summer in a cool and comfy romper. But I can't. Because they look 100% stupid on me. Surely I am exaggerating? I assure you I am not.

Long torso (like one that requires a long torso sized one-piece swimsuit) plus short legs plus curves equals frumpy looking in a romper. And I have a strict anti-frump policy.

Unless I find one with an empire waist, they are all a no-go.

I wish it weren't so, because this has my name all over it (you know, if Nicole meant tall and uncurvy).


Anonymous said...

Ooo, Nicole, I love rompers, too. I look silly in them as well -- but last summer, Anthropologie had this beautiful little silk romper that looked more like a dress... I still regret not buying it. Not to worry, the romper trend will die soon, anyway, and then we won't have to be jealous... and to be fair, I haven't actually seen anyone in real life walking around in a romper.

You don't wear a one-piece bathing suit do you??? You're too thin and cute for that... we should go to the beach together so I can sun my "spots." How sad is that. They're supposed to improve with the sun. They look like measles or chicken pox.


Nicole said...

Annie! They are not petite friendly!

But I have seen, like, a million of them in Wicker Park. F-ing tall hipsters...

Jami Nato said...

i too have been afraid to try the rompers i've seen. one, the name just sounds frumpy and two...it seems like it would show every buldge. i will still try one on just for kicks. i'm inspired!

p.s. saw your comment on laura jordan's blog and hopped on over.