10 August 2010

New direction?

Recent events and the suggestions of a couple of friends have me thinking about a new brand/topic/direction for this blog (or a new one linked to this). As you may have noticed, I write about whatever strikes me - sustainability, clothing, baking, the city, grievances, poking fun at tourists, etc. But I feel like a specific direction would make my blogging better and more interesting. I've been considering it for a while, but haven't really had that catalyst to actually decide and then come up with a new blog design.

First, Don and I have been working for some time on launching our own brand, Semple Goods, to market and sell a few of his woodworking pieces (and maybe some of my fabric designs). I haven't shared them with the interwebs yet because we are actually working towards copywriting/patenting. Eventually we plan to have a whole website dedicated to this (http://www.semplegoods.com/) but we're just not quite ready to go live.

Second, we're buying a house! And we'll be doing most of the work ourselves over time and I've got all these ideas coming to me. I don't have many opportunities for design in my current job (ironic), so this house will be a really great outlet for reviving and utlizing my residential design talents.

Third, I'm also clearly obsessed with food and baking and eating and sustainable farming. When I'm not thinking about design, there are recipe ideas going through my head. Don and I are serious cooks and love great drink, so I think there would be plenty of material.

So, my dear, loyal, 12 readers, leave me a comment voting for one of the following:

  1. An all-things home design blog, centered around our new house, featuring lovely domestic things (and incorporating Semple Goods as it evolves).
  2. An all-things food blog, centered around my baking and eating and opinions of foods [maybe titled "The Real Life Adventures of Suzie Butters"].
  3. Keep the random mash-up but make it prettier and the postings a little more regular and concise.
[I suppose I could always have two blogs, like Joy - Oh Joy! and Oh Joy! Eats...]


Lilli Oligschlaeger said...

I vote for 1 or 3. Although 3 would probably include 1. And I like 2, too. Hmm...I think I'll have to resort to 3, cause that should include all the above! :) I love "keeping up" with you!

laura said...

i think that random mish-mosh is great!! keeps people on their toes, wondering what you'll be writing about. at least that's my philosophy on my super random blog! ha!!

Christina said...

I agree with everyone above! You have a very eclectic blog here... and I love it. What you could do is have one blog with 3-4 different entries/tabs. Kind of like The Pioneer Woman. I don't want to choose - I want to hear about all of your house adventures, and baking adventures, and randomness.

Darreld Ellis said...

I like #3.