30 August 2010

Suzie Butters gardens and cans

A little glimpse into my current kitchen - it's small and it's a rental, but it's been pretty sufficient for the last 2.5 years. This photo is in the middle of making Dilly Beans - dill pickled green and wax beans. Sooooo tasty. Don says he likes them better than pickles.

Maybe you can see my shorthand recipe on the chalkboard - vinegar, pickling salt, dill seed and weed, mustard seeds, snipped beans, and spicy peppers in a couple of jars. Cook down the salt in the vinegar on the stove, group beans and seasonings into sterilzed jars, pour in the brine, then process. Couldn't be easier!

And this is the first major harvest from our garden - was a while ago but I just think our eggplants and peppers are so fantastic.

We're growing several varieties of peppers, eggplant, tomatilloes, kohlrabi, basil, mint and sage this year. What's happening in your garden?

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