22 October 2010

bungalow before

We bought a foreclosure. Which is great for a bargain but not so great for our sanity. Lucky for us, this house was in the best condition of any we saw. There's a minimal amount of work to be done. I thought I'd share the 'before' listing photos with you, to bring you up to speed.

First, the exterior:
Front, which you saw already. I'm pretty excited about those original planter box brackets beneath the window. Not so excited about the white paint on them and the window sills, or those hedges...

Rear, original screen porch has been enclosed (yay for my new sewing room!) The window in the brick portion is the kitchen.

Back yard and garage - sad, sad little garage. You might as well call it a carport.

First floor:

 Living Room - original floors, trim, doors & radiators.
Not so happy about the 1 coat of white paint over the original wood...
Gigantic dining room
Front bedroom - will serve as the guest room for a while and is missing a radiator...
Back bedroom - our bedroom for now. It's hard to see, but yes that is a fire engine red radiator!
Hideously oaktastic bath... we're going to try to live with this crap as long as possible...
Kitchen with cheapest oak cabinets money can buy. What you can't see is the water damage in the ceiling above, and the fact that the floor is plastic. This room is being gutted. It makes me itchy.

So the listing agent and the appraiser called this a bedroom. You might notice that the only window is beyond that door. In a closet... We've got two of these spaces in the attic, which I might mention you access via completely illegal and non code compliant stair.
Attic bathroom - we're adding a sink, but this room will look like this for a while. But thank goodness for a pooping toilet, am I right!?!

There's also a semi-creepy basement which just had the moldy drywall removed this week. That's where the laundry will be...

As you might imagine, we've already got some project under way and a lot more planned for the future.

21 October 2010

We own a house!

At noon on Tuesday October 19, 2010, Don and I became the official owners of this classic Chicago bungalow. After nearly giving up on what is quite possibly the most incompetent mortgage bank ever, we are so excited and relieved that the loan process is over! I can elaborate on the ins and outs of that later. But for now, we are celebrating and getting down to business. Demolition has begun!

More to come...