03 November 2010

a charming past

Part of the appeal of buying an old house was the potential to discover charming bits of the past. While our bungalow doesn't have any of the unique built-in elements of most Chicago bungalows, it did come complete with its own bit of charm. Here are some things we have discovered:

There's a safe in our basement! It's really old and we don't have the combination and I'm dying to know what's inside. Don is sure that it is empty, but I'm banking on rubies and maybe some severed heads. I bet a gangster totally owned our house in the 20's.

The basement stairwell is lined with old wine crates. I'm still trying to decide if Pigeon Zinfandel would be delicious or pigeony.

And super fun discovery - our exterior walls on the first floor have zero insulation!!!


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Sounds like quite the adventure!

ercwttmn said...

ha ha! love the fact you found a safe. if you get it open and find one blue and black argyle sock, it's mine. i've been missing it for quite a while now. :) love watching this new adventure take place nicole!