25 January 2011

change of scenery

Every time we lay down in bed we have to stare up at this hideous light:

These gaudy things are all over our house. Which I guess I wouldn't hate so much if A] I hadn't gone to design school and B] my parents hadn't installed them in our suburban split-level ranch in the 90's... (can't wait for my dad to call me a snob in the comments...)

Today, I just ordered a beautiful Artemis ceiling fan. This will be our new view:

Shipping in 2-3 days! I'm so excited.


Anonymous said...

Don't blame me for the glass booby light fixtures. You're mother picked them out.


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Beautiful fan!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, so beautiful! I love that light, Nicole.


Anonymous said...

I DID not pick them out, YOU picked them out for your bedroom yourself when it was remodeled just for you by your loving parents and designed by you!