03 January 2011

Happy New Year!

I hope your holidays were lovely. Ours went a little something like this:

Thanksgiving - hosted in our house! This was the big goal pushing us to work so hard throughout October and November, and we pulled it off! Don built a table from two sheets of drywall secured to sawhorses with metal studs. My mother was in town, and 8 of our close friends brought food and chairs to celebrate with us. The kitchen was assembled in time to actually use my new oven, and Don worked his butt off finishing up some things before everyone came over, and while my mom and I finished packing on Friday. The Saturday after Thanksgiving, thanks to my mom and our dear friend Nic, we moved everything in!

[The kitchen on the night before Thanksgiving]
[Our empty apartment after we moved everything and cleaned. Miss it and our landlords!]

Complicated Christmas - a little celebration we have with our friend Nic before we head to Kansas every year (3rd annual in 2010!). It involves dishes with really long names, too much wine, and hilarity. One of my favorite holiday traditions. 

[Our new, large Christmas tree - purchased on Ebay in August when we realized we'd need a much larger tree for our much larger space!]

Christmas - the usual marathon between parents' and grandparents' houses. We got lots of great loot for the house, and enjoyed our limited time with family. But I will say, if I never spend 24 hours in car in a 5 day period again, it will be too soon!

[In the dining room, looking towards the living room. Never mind the half-finished masonry and plaster infill behind the Christmas tree...]

New Year's Eve - we had a casual celebration with a couple of friends, and spent the weekend working on finishing up a few house projects. We took advantage of the Container Store's Elfa shelving sale and purchased the parts we need for our bedroom closet and craft pantry storage. I started mudding and taping the closet and shelving niche.

We don't have internet at home yet, but I'll try to post some more hearty updates full of photos and nuggets of remodeling info soon. We've accomplished so much in a relatively short time - all that work, paired with me switching back to my old job (!) has left little spare time for the blog.

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Atta Girl! Finally an update.