04 January 2011

The plan

Before I post any more photos, I thought I'd post some floor plans to let you get to know the bungalow. Our house has 3 floors in total. The ground, or first floor, is raised up half a story above grade. There's a full basement, as well as an attic. The latter two floors were somewhat finished by the previous owners. I say somewhat, because it was done so poorly and we'll end up ripping most of it out due to poor construction/bad choices. 


Anyway, some things to note in the existing, or 'before' plan:
  • The ridiculously small foyer, and closet with a window inside of it... We eliminated the closet to make a much more gracious (and typical) entry.
  • Bedroom 2 - Now has no closet, so you're probably thinking, "well that wasn't so smart..." You  might also notice that you access the 2' wide stair to the attic through this bedroom. (There are so many code violations in that last sentence.) The future plan (think phase 2) is to build a real and code compliant stair to all levels, and turn bedroom 2 into more of an office or den.
  • Giant AC unit sticking through dining room wall - This unit was ancient, hideous, a huge energy waster and filthy. The brick above the opening was also compromised as a previous owner didn't provide any kind of lintel above the opening... That sucker was gone in a hurry!
  • Previous kitchen layout - Not only did those cheap cheap cheap oak cabinets and ugly laminate counters make me itchy, the layout was just stupid. I hate corner sinks with a passion. You'll also notice the dishwasher that you could not possibly load while standing at the sink, the giant side of the refrigerator that would greet you as you walked in to the kitchen, and the general waste of space on the north side of the room...
  • The porch room - A totally unnecessary vestibule to enter a little back room...

Here's the plan showing our first round of modifications to make the space livable for us (aka, Phase 1):

  • Expanded foyer - Don will be building a lovely little bench where we will sit to take off all our winter gear. A row of coat hooks will hang above the bench, and we'll have a few cubbies for mail and what-nots. I'm really excited to have a formal 'landing strip' so all our gear isn't strewn about.
  • New radiators - We had to replace all the radiators in the house as the old ones were all cracked. More on that later, but I am glad that the new ones are much more narrow than the old ones. 
  • Bath - We're living with what's there for now (except that hideous fake oak medicine cabinet. sick.), but did add a cabinet on the wall opposite the sink for extra storage. If you're wondering what that rectangular bit of space to the west of the tub is - it's a bench... A completely useless and sloped totally the wrong direction bench...  Or perhaps you noticed that the door and toilet have an, err, awkward relationship... (Not to mention the fact that when you're in the dining room you can see the toilet - gross!) This room will eventually be gutted. I want to eliminate the brick chimney that runs the height of the house (the boiler vents through it), but I don't yet have Don convinced it's worth the money...
  • Kitchen!!! - I am so excited to finally have a brand new kitchen designed to my specification. We used that little porch room vestibule to make a fridge niche (and larger closet and shelving niche) to get the fridge out of the middle of the kitchen. This allowed us to make a much more generous L-shaped cabinetry layout. We bought all the cabinets from Ikea and I am loving them! The eastern most portion of cabinets is a 12" deep, 84" tall pantry cabinet. Because of the big existing window (which I did not want to alter), a 24" deep cabinet wouldn't work, so the tall and narrow pantry was a good solution. In the next month or two, we'll be adding an island. I want an open stainless steel restaurant style table, Don wants base cabinets... More on the kitchen later.
  • Bedroom 1 closet - We're using this as our bedroom for now, and while the little walk-in closet was nice, it could certainly stand to be bigger for the both of us to share. Thanks to my little fridge niche idea, this was easy to do. I'm currently mudding and taping the drywall in here and we should have a functioning closet by the weekend. 
  • Craft Pantry!!! - My very own sewing and crafty space! The sewing machine will have a permanent home, and I won't have to share my storage with tools or the blow up mattress or suitcases or the printer or anything but my lovely domestic objects! The north wall will have a desktop with some drawers below and shelving above. That little shelving niche on the west side will have floor to ceiling shelves for my vases, paper goods, perhaps some baking items, etc. This room is my own little girly heaven! Notice the proximity to my oven. If you want to imagine my ideal Sunday, it involves baking pastry and sewing while wearing my pajamas and not going outside all day. If you call me this spring and I don't answer, it's probably because I am doing just that.
The next phases will involve building a real garage to house Don's woodshop, cleaning up the laundry area in the basement (yum, lead paint), building that real stair case, and finishing out the attic to house a master suite and another bedroom. In the meantime, we're finishing up the drywall work, getting organized and making plans. I'll also be stripping and restoring trim and doors... Stay tuned!

P.S. Whew - that was a long post! But now you have an idea of what I've been up to and why I haven't had time to blog!

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Oh wow, I have to follow just to see how this will all look! I love the idea of the crafts room, and kitchen renos are basically my porn. :D

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