11 June 2011

{green} renovations

Summer has arrived in Chicago. Don and I have been working on making the outside of our house a little more livable, too. The sad parkway and front yard were the first to get some attention. (No one wants a house that screams "I was an unloved foreclosure!") They are almost respectable now.

In the parkway, we have a wonderful elm tree that provides a ton of shade when the leaves are full. (It also blocks our view of a heinous billboard - BONUS!) Below that tree, we had a mud pit. So we planted some hostas and lily of the valley pips, and added mulch. My hope is that they will just start to spread out and I won't have to do much in the future. No one likes a high maintenance parkway.

Our parkway - don't you love that boulder? Just waiting for those hostas to fill out...

Our front yard had 'minimal' landscaping. There are 3 dated evergreen bushes right in front of the house. Eventually we'll tear those out and put in some tall grasses and flowery things. But they're staying until we've got the time and funds to replace them. I thought those shrubs were the extent of our front yard landscape until we had tulips pop through the ground in March! (Our sweet next door neighbor got tired of our yard looking so crappy when the house was empty that she planted tulips a couple years ago!) My dream is to eventually have no grass in the front, possibly in the entire yard, so we've started to fill in with some plants. Now we just need to get rid of the dandelions and find a way to make that 'grass' look a little less sad until it's replaced.

so far we've got hostas, dead tulips, coral bells, butterfly bush, salvia, purple fountain grass, and some kind of japanese shrub. everything else is "inherited"
And that brings us around to the back. We grill almost every night in the summer, so a hospitable back yard is very important to us. The existing yard was anything but - ugly garage, gnarly mulberry tree/bush combo that the neighborhood birds used for a toilet, weird weed patches. Even with all that still needs to be done inside, we agreed the back needed improvements, incrementally of course.

TAAADDDDDDAAAAAAA!!! An alternately appropriate title  for this post would be "yard of shame." You can see the remnants of the mulberry tree. Bush removal pending... Also, don't be jealous if your neighbor doesn't drive a mystery machine!

View towards the house. Embarrassing. 

See, we originally planned to expand the garage and rebuild the roof of it. That is proving cost-prohibitive at the moment. So until we really need more garage/wood shop space, the foot print stays the same. Making the garage into a functional wood shop is now the priority, so that all the tools can be set up to tackle other projects. This means new sheathing, wrap and siding, and possibly some new doors/windows, and definitely appropriate power. Along with garage recladding, we decided we're going to build a wood patio deck in front of the garage, with a few planter boxes, and get our hands on an oak rain barrel. Hopefully by sometime in July, we'll at least have a place to sit and eat.

(And hopefully, the amazing Nicole Balch of Making It Lovely will select our sad pitiful garage to be in the top 10 for her Social Space Makeover Contest! These two architects need a little boost to help make our back yard awesome! We'd make a great before and after feature, plus I'm good at spending money when it's not actually mine!!!)

A panorama. Doesn't get any prettier in multiple views...


Nick Klaus said...

Good luck in the contest! You've got a lot going for the backyard: it's a good size and it sounds like you've got good goals in mind. What would you go for first?

Anonymous said...

3 posts in 3 days -- wow!


Annie said...

A wood patio sounds fantastic! I will be over for beers when it's done, posthaste!

Also, I love the new blog layout!