09 June 2011

have a seat

My craft pantry is the most finished room in the house, and I have yet to really use it... I call it the Craft Pantry because not only is it my dedicated sewing/art space, but it also has open shelves that hold cake stands, vases, platters, ingredients, etc. It is my happy little girly space. Here is a progress shot of it, along with the curtain fabric that inspired the color:

There are really just a couple of things left to be done in there: hang the curtain, hang the ironing board rack & magnet boards, organize my stuff, find a better flooring solution (although my free carpet square samples from work are nice, no?), swap the light, and eventually make the trim less weird (that's a whole house issue). I also need a rolly chair, so I can be a zippy little crafter. Don suggested I need an Eames Aluminum Management Group Leather Chair, in white leather:

But at $1500 (pre trade discount, but still), it's just way too expensive. So I was doing some window shopping on the internets, and came up with the following alternatives:

At $149, Ikea's Skruvsta is one of the most economical options, and it also comes in white:

Ikea also makes the Patrik Chair, available in a charcoal or red. $199 is still very much in the budget, I think.

Crate and Barrel has a couple of options. The Folio is nice and minimal, but a little too steep at $399:

And the Ripple is a pretty direct Eames knock off, and not bad for $299 (obviously the proportions are way not as nice, but that's why Eames is $1500...)

But, I hate to buy a knock off...
Crate and Barrel's hipper, younger sister CB2 has a great option in Bubble; $199:

Ikea and CB2 seem like the most likely candidates. Looks like I've got some sitting to do. Readers - do any of you have any of these chairs? Thoughts? Complaints? Do share!


Anonymous said...

I would suggest that you need an armless chair for sewing so that you can move as you need to. Not so good when you can't manipulate your project as needed!! Just speaking from experience. Mom

Annie said...

Nicole, did you end up getting a chair? I'm interested to see what you get.