15 August 2011

How do you bike?

Personally, I prefer to Bike Fancy.
Photo: martha williams/bikefancy.com

I've been following Martha Williams' blog since it started in November of 2010. I think my little bike is pretty snazzy, and I'm always just wearing what I wear when I ride (no special gear). I've really hoped to be able to meet Martha and find my way on to her blog since it started. On my way home Friday, I stopped by my favorite butcher shop to grab some sausage for dinner, thus altering my typical route. As I was stopped at a light, Miss Martha pulled up beside me and asked if she could take my photo. I immediately knew who she was and was delighted. Check out my feature on her blog, but also the other lovely folks looking good on bikes at Bike Fancy.  


ercwttmn said...

this. is. awesome.

congratulations nicole, not only on making the blog, but for a great capture!

Darreld Ellis said...

Sometimes dreams come true!


.nic. said...

Totally agree!! You rock!

martha of bike fancy said...

Thanks for being by ideal subject!